Both ReadPlay and ReadPlay have goals that are innately linked to education:

To motivate children to read
To encourage creativity
To foster animal protection and environmental preservation
To empower community linkages and after-school mentoring programs
To teach core values

As our founder was a reading curriculum specialist, you will see a strong emphasis on reading throughout our programs and products. We have discovered that true stories about animals are compelling and attract children to read them because children can relate to the subject matter with both their hearts and minds.

Our true stories also fit well into science and nature curricula. When your school has a week focused on pet care, our true stories about dogs and cats should fit right in. We are particularly proud of our growing collection of stories featuring handicapped pets and the value and love those pets have created despite their handicaps. (Caesar: On Deaf Ears; Norman to the Rescue) Our stories about endangered species, and the natural adaptability and resourcefulness of species will also delight and inform children.

We have created a number of activities for each title in the HSUS series, as well as some fun games. You will be able to download and print these fun and educational activities and games for use in the classroom. The activities and games have been designed for fun, of course, and also to reinforce reading curriculum objectives such as comprehension, retention, sequencing, shape recognition, and kinaesthetic objectives that lead to good writing skills. We have included word games, connect-the-dots, coloring pages, and comprehension-oriented activities that reinforce each story, as well as concentration and sequencing games. These activities and games will frequently be replaced with new ideas, so check back often!

If you have ideas on how to improve these activities, or our products and programs, we want to hear from you. Send any suggestions to:

We are committed to empowering creativity, and encouraging children to write and to illustrate their own stories. We've added a section that will allow children's parents or teachers to purchase professionally-produced bound books, so that children may experience the satisfaction of having their creations turned into lasting books that in turn touch others. We believe that this opportunity to write and illustrate stories will inspire and motivate children. We'll also display the best of the new submissions, selected each month by a board that includes children and teachers, on our web site in The Children's Gallery.

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