The Children's Gallery
We want to display the best stories and artwork from children ages five to ten on our site. Each month, a panel (including teachers, parents, grandparents, librarians, and children) will select the best submissions for three age categories: five - six; seven- eight; and nine- ten. These will be displayed on ReadPlay, in The Children's Gallery, for the enjoyment of people of all ages. Click here to enter the "Children's Gallery"

Have your Book Published
If in addition to submitting your story for inclusion in the children's gallery, you wish to have the story printed and bound for your personal enjoyment, producing books that will last forever, or be "published." Please note that all submissions for "Do You Have a Story" will be automatically considered for The Children's Gallery. Click here to see the guidelines for "Do You Have A Story?"

Privacy Policy
No child's last name or address or any personal information regarding a child will ever be published online or be made available to any outside party.

Submission to the Children's Gallery
1. Children must include a signed parent's permission slip with their submission. Please click here and ask your parent to print out the form, fill out all the questions, sign the form, and send it to us with your art and your story. Click here for permission form.

Send all submissions to:

The Children's Gallery
925 N Milwaukee Ave Suite 1010
Wheeling, IL 60090

Guidelines for Submission: I. General (for all ages)

A. Books

a. Each book will be 32 pages plus cover
b. Page 1 is the title page
c. Pages 2-31 are the text pages
d. Page 32 is the copyright page, please leave this page blank

B. TextPlease include text for each page of your story, and specify the page numbers in the text, so that it is clear to our designers.

a. Each story must have cover text including: title, author, and illustrator
b. Each story must have (page 1) title page text including: title, author, illustrator, and any dedications the author and illustrator would like to include
c. Each story must have (page 32) copyright information: please leave this page blank and we will format it.
d. If text is provided on disk, it must be created in Microsoft Word, formatted for a PC.
e. See below for specific age guidelines regarding story length

C. Artwork

a. Please draw your illustrations on only one side of the paper.
b. Do NOT include any text on the artwork itself, except to write the appropriate page number (in pencil only) on the backside.
c. It is important not to put any important artwork within " to each side of the 'gutter' or centerfold of each two page spread, or it will disappear into the gutter when the book is bound.
d. Paper Size and Orientation (VERY IMPORTANT)

1. For 8 " x 5 " book

Please note that the book will    be bound on the 8 " side, so    be sure to orient your paper    correctly.
Take 15 8 " x 11" pieces of    white paper, and fold them in    half, so each 'page' is 8 " x 5    ". This will give you a 2-page    spread in which to create the    artwork for pages 2 - 30
Create cover art and title page    art on one 8 " x 5" side.
Note: you may create a single    page of artwork, rather than a 2-   page spread, on a piece of 8 " x    11" paper. However, in this case,    you must orient the paper so that    the 11" sides are to the left and    right, and the 8 " sides to the    top and bottom.

2. For 8 " x 11" book

Please note that the book will    be bound on the 8 " side, so    be sure to orient your paper    correctly, with the 8 " sides to    the left and right, and the 11"    sides to the top and bottom.
Each piece of art must be created    as a single page. If you want a    two-page spread (i.e. the art    spreads across pages 2 and 3),    the art must be done on two    pieces of paper. Be sure to pay    attention to the gutter rules    mentioned above.

e. You must supply:

1. One front cover illustration (be sure to leave space for the title)
2. At least 15, but not more than 30 illustrations
3. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions listed above in "d".

D. Design

1. We will design the finished book - laying out the text and art, selecting the type font and size, etc.
2. If the text and artwork do not fit the page layout, we reserve the right to edit the story or the illustrations at our discretion.

II. Specific Age Guidelines

A. Specific Guidelines for Children ages 5 - 6:

1. Each story must be between 200 and 800 words.

B. Specific Guidelines for Children ages 7- 8:

1. Each story must be between 600 and 1000 words.

C. Specific Guidelines for Children ages 9- 10:

1. Each story must be between 800 and 1200 words.


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