Kids - old kids, young kids… kids of all ages. At ReadPlay, we hope we bring out the child in each of us. This includes a hunger for what is new, discovery, adventure, stretching our experience, fun, play… and of course reading a good story. Each of us knows that there is a part of us that never grows up - never, never grows old. We hope to provide nurturing, educational activities and stories that meet that part of every one of you.

ReadPlay and ReadPlay have goals that are innately linked to education and fun:
To motivate children to read
To encourage creativity
To foster animal protection and   environmental preservation
To empower community linkages   and after-school mentoring   programs
To teach core values

As our founder was a reading curriculum specialist, you will see a strong emphasis on reading throughout our programs and products. We have discovered that true stories about animals are compelling and attract children to read them because children can relate to the subject matter with their hearts and minds.

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