We want children to have fun while they are learning, since the two experiences are inextricably intertwined. If our activities can stimulate children - if the children can have a lot of fun while they are doing, learning, creating, they will want to participate again and again. We want our activities to appeal to families, so older siblings and parents and young children work and play together, and go and get each other to share in playful, educational experiences again and again.

Many of our activities can be downloaded, and shared between older and younger generations. For example, each coloring age details an illustration from a true storybook. Our word games extend the learning and the fun from each story, and our mazes and concentration games are also intended to provide more fun and more learning.

If you have ideas as to how we can improve these activities, or our products and programs, we want to hear from you. Send any suggestions to: suggestions@readplay.com

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