Rules are Cool!

Kids - These rules are here to protect you and make sure you understand what's okay, what's not ok, and the Clubsitter's role in the club chat room. It's important that you read this information before joining our chat room.

Chat Room Rules

1. No bad language, no swearing,

2. Be respectful
This club is meant to be safe and fun to all members and participants. Do not be disrespectful to other members or the Clubsitter. Do not chat using inappropriate subjects or language.

3. Do not share your user name or password EVER!
Your user name and password were created to protect your privacy and your family's privacy.

4. Do not share your real name, address or telephone number, or even your email address - EVER!

5. Disrupting the chatroom
Please do not disrupt the chatroom by:
· Shouting - writing all in capital letters
· Crowding - writing very long passages, repeating sentences over and over, or typing in nonsense so other children can't post messages
· Harassing - posting any mean, threatening or intimidating messages
· Flirting or making personal remarks

6. Do not pretend to be the Clubsitter or other members.

7. Inappropriate web sites
Do not post addresses of websites whose content is strictly for adults or inappropriate for young children.

When Rules are Broken

This chat room features an online "Clubsitter" - a caring adult who is responsible for making sure all members follow the rules, so every one can have a good time, and feel safe and private..

Should you break the rules, the Clubsitter may either give you a warning, or boot you out of the chat room, depending on the severity of the offense. Once you have been booted out, your membership may be put on hold and your access to the chat room may be blocked for one or more days, depending on the severity of the offense. If you are booted out, your parents will be notified .

Although we feel it is important to provide you with a second chance, repeated or severe rule violations may result in termination of your clubhouse privileges or clubhouse access without prior notice. Any judgement regarding membership termination is at the sole discretion of the Clubsitter and the ReadPlay management.

If you have any questions regarding the club rules, please click here to contact us.

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