The Teachers and parents were amazed at the quality of the books and stuffed animals. And everyone is talking about how beautifully illustrated the books are Thank You!
Charles J. Turecek, Principal, Long Hill School, Shelton, CT

 Caesar:On Deaf Ears
This charming children’s book about his [Caesar’s] rough start in life will re-inspire anyone who has ever championed an underdog. Loren Spiotta-DiMare’s book, with its unspoken lesson about the redeemable value of even the worst-behaved among us, will endear children of all ages.
Pet Life Magazine

 Ruffle, Coo and Hoo Doo
We particularly like the way children are helped to understand the interconnectedness of living things, with owls and parakeets living together. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and sensitive insight into some of our animal friends. This book is a treasure.
Ruth K. Fine * Bridgeport Read Aloud Day

 Condor Magic
Broad impressionistic vistas and a poetic text invite readers to imagine soaring into “a wild, warm pocket of sky” as a “mysterious, magical, wild condor.”
School Library Journal


This tale [Jasmine] of a left-behind cat, locked in an apartment for three months, surviving by eating birdseed and drinking water from a dripping faucet, had me crying. So did the accompanying cassette, which reads the same story aloud adding a little music and background sounds, including Jasmine’s weak meow.
NAPRA Trade Journal

 Chessie, The Travelin' Man
Winner of the 1997 National Association of Parenting Publications Honor Award (NAPPA)

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