Do You Have A Story?

Do you want to publish a book? Do you want to create something that lasts forever? Are you a writer - or an illustrator - or both? Then read on. Please have your parents carefully review this material too. You must have written permission from your parents, and they must write a check or provide a credit card number to pay for the printed books, when they place an order.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully. We can't publish a book of just any size or any number of pages - the guidelines are very specific. Publishing means being careful to learn the mechanics, so you create the correct number of pages, artwork, words, and so on. You must be very careful to follow the directions, so that the printer can properly create your book.


All material received for this "Do You Have a Story" section will automatically be submitted to The Children's Gallery. Children must be between the ages of 5 and 10 at the time of submission to have their material considered for display in The Children's Gallery.

If you have a wonderful story to tell, but are not an artist, you may have a friend who is an excellent illustrator. Either way, we would like to see your story, or your artwork, or both. You can submit a story with your illustrations, or a friend's illustrations, if you are both under the age of 11.

Click here for more information about The Children's Gallery.


You must include a signed parent's permission form with the submission. Please click here and ask your parent to print out the form, fill out all the questions, sign the form, and send it to us with your art and your story.

Click here for printable permission form.


To make this offer cost-effective, parents must order a minimum of 5 books. This is because our designers will spend a lot of time scanning your artwork and words into the computers, and then working with the images and pages to reorder everything so it will fit. This takes many hours, and it costs too much to do for just one book. But if you want at least five copies, which will make great birthday presents for all your friends who have birthdays in the next year, or for Grandma, or Grandpops or Auntie Rhubarb, then print out the order form, and fill it in.

Click here for the printable order form.

You can order books in one of two different sizes. However, you must pay close attention to the Artwork guidelines, and be sure to create the artwork in the proper size and dimension for the book size you have chosen.

There is a required minimum order of 5 books. You can choose the size.

Book Size: 8 " tall x 5 " wide
Item #
Cost (per book)
Additional Freight (total)
Bk-a01 5 books 17.00 per book 4.95 total
Bk-a02 6 - 10 books 14.00 per book 6.95 total
Bk-a03 11 - 25 books 13.00 per book 8.95 total
Bk-a04 26 - 50 books 11.50 per book 10.95 total
Bk-a05 51 - 100 books 10.00 per book 12.95 total
Note: IL residents must add 6.5% sales tax.

Book Size: 8 " tall x 11" wide
Item #
Cost (per book)
Additional Freight (total)
Bk-a01 5 books 18.00 per book 5.95 total
Bk-a02 6 - 10 books 15.00 per book 8.95 total
Bk-a03 11 - 25 books 14.00 per book 10.95 total
Bk-a04 26 - 50 books 12.50 per book 13.50 total
Bk-a05 51 - 100 books 11.50 per book 15.95 total
Note: IL residents must add 6.5% sales tax

Each book will be 32 pages, plus covers, and will be printed in color. Each book will be manufactured to last, with a laminated paperback cover. (NOTE: at this time, we cannot print and bind so few hardcover books, but we are working on it.)

Should the material fit our publishing program, the Benefactory may ask to actually publish the book for resale and distribution in our marketplaces. In that case, we will contact you to discuss possible publication.

Send all material to:

Do You Have A Story?
925 N Milwaukee Ave Suite 1010
Wheeling, IL 60090

Please allow between thirty and sixty days for your books to arrive. If there will be a longer delay, we will contact you to find out whether you still want to place your order.

Checklist: Be sure you have included

The order form with payment
A signed parent permission slip
Your phone number, address, and email address in case we have any    questions regarding your order.
Story text (either hard copy or disk) Note: Should you wish to submit    your text on disk, it MUST be created in Microsoft Word, and    formatted for a PC, and you must include a hard copy printout.
Story artwork Note: Do NOT fold artwork, and be sure to put    protective wrapping, plastic or cardboard in your package, so your    artwork will not be bent.
Self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish your artwork returned    to you.

Schools: We will publish your students' books in the above format for you, and we will accept school purchase orders, but we cannot provide any discount for this service.


I. General (for all ages)

A. Books

a. Each book will be 32 pages plus cover
b. Page 1 is the title page
c. Pages 2-31 are the text pages
d. Page 32 is the copyright page, please leave this page blank

B. Text
Please include text for each page of your story, and specify the page numbers in the text, so that it is clear to our designers.

a. Each story must have cover text including: title, author, and illustrator
b. Each story must have (page 1) title page text including: title, author, illustrator, and any dedications the author and illustrator would like to include
c. Each story must have (page 32) copyright information: please leave this page blank and we will format it.
d. If text is provided on disk, it must be created in Microsoft Word, formatted for a PC.
e. See below for specific age guidelines regarding story length

C. Artwork

a. Please draw your illustrations on only one side of the paper.
b. Do NOT include any text on the artwork itself, except to write the appropriate page number (in pencil only) on the backside.
c. It is important not to put any important artwork within " to each side of the 'gutter' or centerfold of each two page spread, or it will disappear into the gutter when the book is bound.
d. Paper Size and Orientation (VERY IMPORTANT)

1. For 8 " x 5 " book

Please note that the book will    be bound on the 8 " side, so    be sure to orient your paper    correctly.
Take 15 8 " x 11" pieces of    white paper, and fold them in    half, so each 'page' is 8 " x 5    ". This will give you a 2-page    spread in which to create the    artwork for pages 2 - 30
Create cover art and title page    art on one 8 " x 5" side.
Note: you may create a single    page of artwork, rather than a 2-   page spread, on a piece of 8 " x    11" paper. However, in this case,    you must orient the paper so that    the 11" sides are to the left and    right, and the 8 " sides to the    top and bottom.

2. For 8 " x 11" book

Please note that the book will    be bound on the 8 " side, so    be sure to orient your paper    correctly, with the 8 " sides to    the left and right, and the 11"    sides to the top and bottom.
Each piece of art must be created    as a single page. If you want a    two-page spread (i.e. the art    spreads across pages 2 and 3),    the art must be done on two    pieces of paper. Be sure to pay    attention to the gutter rules    mentioned above.

e. You must supply:

1. One front cover illustration (be sure to leave space for the title)
2. At least 15, but not more than 30 illustrations
3. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions listed above in "d".

D. Design

1. We will design the finished book - laying out the text and art, selecting the type font and size, etc.
2. If the text and artwork do not fit the page layout, we reserve the right to edit the story or the illustrations at our discretion.

II. Specific Age Guidelines

A. Specific Guidelines for Children ages 5 - 6:

1. Each story must be between 200 and 800 words.

B. Specific Guidelines for Children ages 7- 8:

1. Each story must be between 600 and 1000 words.

C. Specific Guidelines for Children ages 9- 10:

1. Each story must be between 800 and 1200 words.


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